Financial Transparency

The City of Brady is committed to providing clear and meaningful financial information not only by posting financial documents, but also through summaries, visualizations, downloadable data and explanations of city processes.  The city is participating in the State of Transparency Star program, recognizing governments for going above and beyond in transparency efforts.  We participate to ensure full transparency is available to the public.

The City operates on a modified accrual basis, commonly used by government agencies.  Revenues are recognized when they become available and measureable and, with a few exceptions, expenditures are recognized at the time the liability is incurred. This system divides available funds into separate entities within the organization to ensure that the money is being spent where it was intended.

Annual Total Revenues and Expenditures are based on governmental and business-type activities and include fund transfers.

Finance Summary revised 91818
EXPEND PER CAP revised 091818
Debt Information
The City’s debt information is provided for both current obligations and total obligations, as related to the debt service for the General Government and Utility Funds. The debt schedules (PDF) are obligations for the City as of October 1 of each year. In addition, the Mayor has signed a Debt Transparency Pledge (PDF) pledging to post details about any upcoming bond elections no later than one business day after the notice of the bond election is posted. The pledge also includes notifying the Comptrollers office of the upcoming bond election as well, when the details of the bond election are published. For more information regarding transparency in local government, including local debt, please go to the State Comptrollers webpage.