Fee Schedule

Animal Services

Sec. 2.04.001
City Ordinance Fees    
License/Registration Fee Dog $5 per pet, every 2 years
​Expires Oct.1-odd years
  Cat $5 per pet, every 2 years
​Expires Oct. 1 -odd years
Annual Dangerous Pet Registration
deemed by ACO (Sec 2.501-2.505)
  $50 per year
​Expires Oct 1
Change of Ownership   $25
​Expires Oct. 1
Annual Breeders License (Sec 2.700)   $25 every 2 years
​Expires Oct. 1-odd years
Late Fee   $5 per month (30 days past due date)
Impounded Animal (Sec 2.112)
Required to pay all fees incurred-Boarding and Compliance
First Offense $25
  Second Offense $50
  Each Subsequent Offense $150
Daily Boarding Fee   $15 per day
Redemption of Quarantined Animal
​(Sec 2.114) After payment of all fees incurred
  $10 per day for 10 days minimum
Animal Pick-up (Surrender to) ACO requested by owner   $50 each, if altered
    $90 each, if not altered
Evidence leading to conviction of poisoning any animal (Sec 2.104)   $50 award
Annual Exotic Animal Permit (Expires each December)       $25 per year for first year
(Permits held by City Secretary)   $15 per year for 2nd (or subsequent) year
    $15 to amend permit
Adoption Fee   $50  Application

Police Services

Ord. 1067 Sec. 1.12.041
City Ordinance Fees    
TxDOT Crash Report   $6
Public Records   $4 per page
Funeral Procession On-Duty Officers (When available) $0
  Off-Duty Officers (2 hour minimum) $25 per hour
Wrecker Service   $150.per Call (Paid to Vendor) 
Security Fee   $35 per hour