Fee Schedule

Animal Services

Type of FeeFee
Daily Boarding Fee$15
Redemption of Quarantined Animal, (Section 2.114) After payment of all fees incurred$10 per day for 10 days minimum
Adoption Fee$50

Impounded Animal

(Section 2.02.009) Required to pay all fees incurred-Boarding and Compliance

Number of Offense
First Offense
Second Offense
Each Subsequent Offense

Animal Pick-up by (Surrender to) ACO Requested by the Owner

Type of AnimalFee Per Animal
Dog: Altered$50
Dog: Not Altered$90
Cat: Altered$5
Cat: Not Altered$10

Annual Exotic Animal Permit

(Expires Each December) (Permits held by City Secretary)

Permit Length/Type
1st Year
$25 per year
2nd (or Subsequent) Year
$15 per year
Amend Permit

Police Services

Ordinance 1067 Section 1.12.041
Service Type
TxDOT Crash Report $6
Funeral Procession: On-Duty Officers (When available)
Funeral Procession: off-Duty Officers (2-Hour Minimum)
$25 per hour
Wrecker Service $150 per call (paid to vendor)
Security Fee $50 per hour