Critical Care

Critical care status is reserved for customers who have a person living in his or her home who has been
diagnosed by a physician as being dependent upon an electric-powered medical device to sustain life.
The City of Brady provides information to the electric crews of addresses that have a this status designated.

In order to obtain this status, an application must be completed and returned to customer service by the
Physician.  Instructions are included with application.

Electric outages can occur and critical care customer need to have a plan of action for short term outages.
The City of Brady recognizes that during a long term outage or disaster that Critical Care Customers need
assistance for alternate power source or information to designated facilities to obtain electrical power. 

A critical care status does not prevent a disruption of service due to non pay.   If you have this status and are
concerned you will not be able to pay your bill, contact Customer Service at 325-597-2152 ext. 202 or 203
and they will direct you to available assistance programs.