Average Monthly Payment Program

AMP Program Highlights

The City of Brady offers an average billing program for customers to better project their monthly utility cost for personal budgeting purposes. Customers must sign up at City Hall for the AMP program.

  • This is not a fixed payment program that requires truing-up once a year.
  • This is a true average billing program that takes the most recent 12 months billings and calculates the average amount to pay for the month.
  • The monthly bill/payment will adjust each month to reflect the average of the current bill and the past 11 billings. (Dropping the old bill and adding the new bill)
  • Enrollment is offered in February and September of each year. Billing will be effective during the months of March and October each year.

AMP Program Qualifications

The following must be met before the service address will qualify for the AMP Program:

  • Residential Customers Only.
  • 12 months of history at service location.
  • Current account balance must equal to zero.
  • Not more than two delinquent notices in the last 12 months.
  • No cut-off notices in the last 12 months.

Terms of this billing plan require all payments be made on time. If payments are not received by the past due date, the plan will be subject to termination.

If the plan is terminated, all balances are due and payable at time of termination.