Curtis Field - Airport

Price Note

Retail prices and equipment rates as dictated by market forces to achieve fair market value

Airport Rental Fees

Item Fee
Fuel - Price per gallon
Call for rates
After Hours Call Out Fee

Tie Down Fee
Conditional Tie Down Fee - Applies after the 4th day on the tie down to customers not buying fuel and aircraft that are not airworthy
$5 per day or $50 per month
Long Term Parking       
$30 per month
Airport Conference Room Rental
$100 per day

Hangar Rental

Section 1.11.076 Ordinance 8410

Non-flying/non-airworthy aircraft will be charged double the stated rate for the aircraft type.

Storage of non-aviation-related items, equipment, and materials is prohibited.

Monthly Aircraft Storage Fees

Aircraft over 15,000 pounds will be negotiated between the Operator and the Airport.
Item Fee Per Month
Piston Single engine aircraft $100
Piston Twin Aircraft $170
Turbine Aircraft $215
Jet Aircraft $565
Aircraft (Over 11,000 pounds) $705
Helicopter $215

Nightly Aircraft Storage Fees

Item Fee Per Day
Piston Single Engine
Piston Twin Aircraft
Turbine aircraft       
Jet aircraft       
Aircraft  (Over 11,000 pounds)       
Helicopter $70